Best WordPress Ecommerce Solution in Kochi

Searching for a complete WordPress eCommerce Solution ? Wanna Start an Online Store in your WordPress Site ? From Simple StoreFront to Complete Inventory we have all solution for a perfect eCommerce Site. Bundled payment Gateways give you freedom to smooth & secure transactions. And building trust and customer loyalty. Enhanced SEO and Analytics keeps you business scalable and successful. Let’s Get in touch to discuss about your eCommerce Website today. Our packages are custom tailored for you based on specific requirements.

Online Reputation Management : Find Yourself in Google

Online Reputation Management Finding yourself in Google Search result is prime and important factor in online reputation management. There are three kind of result you may found when you search about your brand. 1, All about the complaints and blogs about your brand. 2, About other brand have same name in other industry. 3, All about your brand and your industry. You have experienced the first two stage in initial periods of branding and its ok about that time but if it continued after a period of time it’s your failure in achieving a result in build your brand. Even though you succeed and reached 3rd stage and got an negative review on Google Review or in any consumer complaint forums its again a failure in your online reputation management. If you have in such situation, we are here to help you in Making your brand clean and better that your competitors.

Improve Google Search Engine Ranking

Google is providing majority of visitors to most of the website including morbits. In this article we discuss how to improve Google Search Engine Ranking. Most of the factors are trade secret of major digital marketing agency but we reveal the same because you might know what they are. Pointing Links to Website Your website can be ranked better when your website have more quality links to it than other websites. Having links from popular social medias and websites can benefit the ranking and search results.  Title Tag Title of your page is most important part for ranking, if you insert some meaningful word with some strong keywords that people search for your website can be advantage for future. SEO Keywords Your Site need to have words that someone search for your website, apart of your brand and identity. You can add some synonyms and misspelled words to compete with other sites of your kind.  Keyword-Laden Links If the links to your website have some keywords in it Google Search may think you are an authentic source for same. If you Make a link on Software Develepment word on any website to your website, google may think your website is authenical to Software Development and list your website for the same apart from Improving Search Engine Ranking. Site Map Creating a sitemap can help google to index and list every pages in your website.  Robots.txt With Robot.txt you can control the search bot about what and where to search for indexing. So its good to make a robots.txt in your website. ALT Text for Images An ALT text is what keep a brief description about the picture and since most of the search engines work on words this might be result the image searches. Meta Keywords Tag Google Ignore…

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Reverse SEO for Online Reputation Management

Reverse SEO Reputation is the keyword for Businesses across the globe. Reputation or Image of a brand directly relates to the leads for a Business. For those who want a successful business endeavour across thier competitors they need to create a clean image of thier brand apart from others. If your reputation is tarred once and losing business out of it, then the most helping factor to achieve business is to rebuild the reputation. Online Reputation of a brand play a key role in today’s world. In fact it’s the worst situation for a brand to keep thier brand values and image upright when thier are some complaint register sites like Ripoff Report, Yelp,,, etc where people can publish grievances about the business as well as the individuals. And it’s quite difficult to remove such complaints or post from these websites. If you have gone through such situation, better you contact a reputation management professionals. What we doing is even the negative reports are published and cannot be removed from the portal we publish some positive listings that can be push higher in search results. Also there is a process of Reverse SEO to recover negative publicity of brand on Google, Yahoo and Bing. We also set up multiple website identity to make a positive reputation over the brand name.

Ecommerce SEO Listing Factors

SEO Ranking factors are important to an Ecommerce business to bring business online. The main ranking factors in ecommerce are: Navigation Links (5/5) The text appears near to your products and product categories are so called Navigation links. Most of the Ecommerce Platforms automatically generate the navigation links for menu same as the products and product categories. And for smooth SEO results it’s better to prefer independent controls for the navigation links so that Individual Products categories or products can be listed on search on particular product related searches. Page Titles (5/5) Page titles are the text that seen at the tab section at the top of the browser. And  it will be the bookmark name for the page when we save it or make a shortcut for that. So when creating page titles we need to focus to highlight the products we listing rather than the store name and all. Inserting key search terms with product name will be also appreciated. However Independent Page titles make sense in the SEO ranking rather than common one. If some product name is unfamiliar then you can make the product category name in front of it to make a identity for the same. Page URLs (4.5/5) The Location of page shown in address bar of the browser is called Page URL. Including key search term for products or service in the page URL will highlight the same on search results. And Independent controlled URL name based on Keywords will ensure better search listing than a competitor doing automated URL naming. Meta Description (4.5/5) The descriptive text appears  along with the listing of your page in Google or Any Search engine is called Meta Description. Meta description does not make any positive part on Search Result Position but it will reflect on customer choice for clicking…

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Ecommerce Business

Best Platforms for Ecommerce Business

If you are considering starting your own online store without huge fund and time then think about a ecommerce platform which have work with some successful websites. So these ecommerce platforms or shopping cart softwares can help your customers and sellers like a pro even in your struggling stages. Most of all popular Ecommerce Platforms can be tailored for your specific need with the help of a efficient technical team. And some platforms are good enough that having a do-it-yourself version where no design or development team is needed. Best Ecommerce Platforms  Magento  Magento is a powerful ecommerce solution being owned by eBay for easy ecommerce business. There are lot of features and extensions available in magento that can help you gain more regular businesses. The Software is very modular so it can grow with your business. Magento Commerce boasts a strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions including in-store, retail associate and order management technologies. Open source digital commerce platform and cloud based solution empower merchants to integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. WooCommerce WordPress is well known for DIY websites and WooCommerce is WordPress based Ecommerce platform which is free and open source so that you can have control over your store without any monthly payments and proprietary softwares. Also the WordPress Ecommerce website can be scale from small to large stores. And those who experience in using WordPress can use WooCommerce by modifying your products instead of posts in the CMS. Both Digital Downloads and Physical Products can be sale online. The number of extensions available makes the WooCommerce Super Flexible. Webs If you are in search for simple and intuitive web store that can create within a couple of hours then your choice is Webs. However you can create a free trail website in Webs. If you…

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The Internet of things

In the near future each and every devices like home appliances and automotive can be connected in one way or another to enhance the capabilities and services of the devices. And according to recent studies of Economist Intelligence Unit they have predicted that the greatest impact for them by 2020 is the trend in Internet of Things. According to Wikipedia definition Internet of Things can be defined as “The network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. Also the Internet of Things allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration between the physical world and computer based systems and resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefits. When IoT is augmented with sensors and actuators, the technology becomes an instance of the more general class of cyber physical systems such as smart grids, smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities.” Factors to consider IoT  Customer Analysis IoT will be able both to aggregate and analyze customer data from trillions of points of contact with customers having detailed and precise user profile which can be used for analysis to understand what the smarter customer needs. So the technologist can provide the right products and services at right time which provides an appropriate response to a request. Security Data Protection, privacy and security are main concern of skeptics of the IoT.  Thrid Platform Cloud Services, Big Data & Analytics, Mobile Computing and Social networks all the third platforms can be connected to the IoT so the end customer can have as much flexibility and accuracy.

WordPress Recast PHP with JavaScript and published as open source

Automattic unveils the latest version of with the Project Code Name : Calypso. According Matt Mullenweg (Co-Creator of open source CMS) , it has completely redesigned the administration interface service. Thus the heart of CMS is separated from graphical layer of and now invokes the REST API instead of PHP Layer to carry out its tasks like publishing, photo loading  and all. New Generation JavaScript Interface The Administration console has been rewritten in JavaScript and Ajax. So its simple to manage multiple website from single administrative console. Thus all the content creation and update can be managed from the same page, which promise time gain and convenience. Also Responsive interface is also designed to be displayed both on desktop, tablet and smartphone. First Hybrid app for Mac The entire code of the latest version was published by (Automattic) on GitHub. The App developed for Mac allows to enjoy, JavaScript Administration, Desktop related features such as notifications. The Apps for Windows and Linux platforms are under hood.

Make your Windows 10 PC Faster

Tips for making Windows 10 PC Faster  1, Disable Transparency Effects Turning off transparency effects will give a classic look for your desktops with solid colours and it will increase the responsiveness of device. This can be done from 1, Right click of desktop > Personalize > Colors. 2, Turn off – Make Start, Task bar and Action Center Transparent    2, Disable Startup Programs You may feel that windows 10 devices is loading slower when compare to window 8.1 devices. The slowing boot to desktop time and unnecessary CPU cycles are due to wrong privileges and permission of start up programs. This can be changed from : 1, Right Click the Start button >Task Manager > Startup tab 2, Right Click the Programs and Disable Low Prior Programs on your needs. 3, Disable Unnecessary Services In your windows 10 device there are a lot of Microsoft specific features and programs which some people don’t need. So you can stop the services that if that seems impact anything from normal working of PC. You can re enable them in need also you can permanently disable some services from starting at all.   1, Right Click on Start button >Task Manager > Services 2, Right Click the Service and disable them on your prior. 4, Shut off Shadows and Effects Animations and Effects will slow down the system and moreover they are useless when you compare to the performance of device. And you can perform these action to make Windows 10 PC Faster: 1, Right Click the Start Button > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced tab  2, In Performance Click on Settings.  3, Adjust for best performance or disable the each effects. 4, Also another switch is available at Setting > Ease of Access > Other Options , that can turn off all animations.   5, Enable…

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Hosted Ecom Application, Launch your Ecom service in no time

Hosted Ecom Application Morbits releasing a hosted ecom application which developed in house from scratch. Being back born of leading ecom websites for years, the collective experience from clients and  end users made us think different from open source scripts like magneto and zencart. Imaging and Realise Having our own code on our own servers is always safe and flexible than going after open source scripts., where attacks and bugs are often on new releases and bug fixes. With scratch script of in house development the only limit is your imagination, Start building your business on our ecom application with full support and customization from the builders itself Pros The level of customization is perhaps the biggest benefit of custom software. While a Open Source  package may fit many of your business’s needs, it’s doubtful that it will have the same efficiency as custom software. By meeting your exact specifications, you can cover every aspect of your business without unnecessary extras. It gives you greater control, which is important if your business has specific needs that your average commercial product can’t fulfill. Having customized software should also make the interface more familiar and easy to use. Because in-house software is developed by a team of your choosing, it also gives you access to knowledgeable support. Rather than dealing with technicians who may not understand your unique situation, you can get support from the individuals who have developed your software firsthand. They will understand any subtle nuances and minimize downtime from technical errors. Cost Open source or Hosted sharing software can accrue high support and maintenance costs. In order to address any technical issues, you will be at the mercy of a vendor who sets and can change the price of service. There may also be a waiting period for support, and…

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