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How to create an effective digital marketing strategy

How to create an effective digital marketing strategy

To get the most out of your presence online, you need to develop a strategy that works. Most often, companies just rush into digital marketing without having a detailed plan. Detailed research and planning are essential to get the most out of digital marketing in today’s world. You need to attract targeted visitors to your website, which results in conversion. This requires having a strategic plan, unlike traditional marketing. 1.Identify your target audience Identifying your target audience is a crucial step for your business.In this way, you can target people willing to work or use your services. This makes it easier while searching for your business in search engines. Various tools can be used to design a perfect keyword strategy. 2. Find your Customers Being on every social media channel may not be the best solution. However, using it effectively is the key to growth. So, take time to analyse and research which social media channel suits your business needs. 3. Create a Strong Customer Base Building a strong base of loyal customers is the goal of every company. For example, add them to your mailing list. This gives you an opportunity to interact with them by sending your best deals, news, new product launches and so on. This helps increase reach to your target audience. 4. Content is King As the saying goes, “Content is king”. Thus, it’s important to come up with new content regularly to keep visitors engaged and search engines updated. 5. Partner with a Digital Media Agency To design a perfect marketing campaign needs time and effort. So, look out for a well-organized Digital Marketing Agency that can take your business to another level. But, having an understanding of digital marketing process will help interact with your team in a more effective manner.      

Google Ranking to increase online leads and sales

  When we talk about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we think about Google Search and methods for getting listed in Google Search. According to reports 90% of searches take place is on Google. From this report itself we can know how important Google is for SEO. Most of your customers will be using Google account. And they will find you through the Google Search. Role of Google in Digital Marketing Majority of the users are confident about the Google Search which list the best for them. So 90% will not go beyond first page. So it’s good to list your business in first page of search to bring more conversion to business. Also getting first in related keyword indirectly means you are far better than your competitor. Which can bring you competitors customers to your doorsteps. How to improve your Google Ranking The Success of Google Ranking is because of it’s revolutionary algorithm name PageRank which helps to rank web pages that match a given search string.The importance of a website is determined by checking backlinks and keyword in the web page.  In simple word a good content can drive traffic into website by improving the keyword density and genuine backlinks on the same. Reach the right audience who searched for your products By Listing on specific keyword that is related to your business which is commonly used by all can make more footprints to your website. Make a listing on Google Search is hard task with lot of research and day to day actions. If it’s done properly you will get listed on the desired keyword and get right audience who searched for your products. Get Business Leads Online Getting listed in Google is not the end of SEO. Letting your website stay on same position is the hard task with daily actions and content generation….

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How to make Effective pay per click Ads for your website

If you are having a startup and have no much to spend for marketing and will to pay some for the same. The best word that will help your is “Pay-per-Click Ads” normally called it PPC Ads. In this type of Ads, your business listing will be listed on search and only clicking the listing will be counted. Set a listing for a number for click on a price make this type ads convenient for startups. PPC Ads are for those can give Rs.25 for a Rs.100 worth customer. Now it might confusion that whether the that lead will get convert or not. We are also speechless for that. But if it’s to hard to spend Rs.25 for such leads you can pay Rs.5 for a lead. How to make Effective pay per click Ads Choose specific keyword : With a research you can find a specific keyword that will be searching by your client to find. This will help you to losing leads by spending a broad match keyword. Set Separate keywords for Content & Search Ad placement : Using different keywords for the PPC ads appears in Search Query and Block Display PPC Ads. Running ads on separate keywords make effective monetary benefits for your investment. Negative Keyword PPC : You can also use the misspelled and common grammatical errors in search keywords for PPC Ads. These keywords can bring some more customers to search. Targeting Campaigns : By Efficiently targeting the Ads for the ideal group, time and geographic focus can give improved conversion rates.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Solution in Kochi

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Improve Google Search Engine Ranking

Google is providing majority of visitors to most of the website including morbits. In this article we discuss how to improve Google Search Engine Ranking. Most of the factors are trade secret of major digital marketing agency but we reveal the same because you might know what they are. Pointing Links to Website Your website can be ranked better when your website have more quality links to it than other websites. Having links from popular social medias and websites can benefit the ranking and search results.  Title Tag Title of your page is most important part for ranking, if you insert some meaningful word with some strong keywords that people search for your website can be advantage for future. SEO Keywords Your Site need to have words that someone search for your website, apart of your brand and identity. You can add some synonyms and misspelled words to compete with other sites of your kind.  Keyword-Laden Links If the links to your website have some keywords in it Google Search may think you are an authentic source for same. If you Make a link on Software Develepment word on any website to your website, google may think your website is authenical to Software Development and list your website for the same apart from Improving Search Engine Ranking. Site Map Creating a sitemap can help google to index and list every pages in your website.  Robots.txt With Robot.txt you can control the search bot about what and where to search for indexing. So its good to make a robots.txt in your website. ALT Text for Images An ALT text is what keep a brief description about the picture and since most of the search engines work on words this might be result the image searches. Meta Keywords Tag Google Ignore…

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