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ECommerce Development Trends

Ecommerce in india is on the rise, the trend reached 55% in 2016. To stand in the crowd you need to be on a stable platform which is extensible and flexible enough to give any features you imaging or research in no time., After Launch implemnt marketing strategies and logics to reach goals. Reaching goal is not the end, Maintainin the sale rates and retaining customers again a hassle. E-Commerce Platforms allow businesses to host online storefronts that offer goods or services for sale. E-commerce platforms can be offered as a digital solution for business-to-business (B2B) commerce, business-to-consumer (B2C) commerce, or both. These platforms are usually offered in one of two ways: hosted and self-hosted. Hosted e-commerce platforms are restricted to a relatively small vendor-approved set of extensions and plugins, but are backed by strong vendor support. Self-hosted platforms, often open source, provide greater customizability and scalability, but require more technical knowledge to implement and maintain. Platforms either can be hosted or Self  hosted.Hosted Packs will be managed by the vendor , and here by offer strong Backend support and Scalability in minimum time. Self Hosted will be Cost effective and with full development handle to make any change with an expert inhouse developer, Choice is up to you. We got solutions for Self Hosted and Hosted Apps aswell Platforms   Custom Ecommerce is the clear winner  (42%) . Check Our Custom Made Ecommerce (MECOM)  Here As per builtwith Magento lead the show ( 12 + 7 =19%)  followed by WooCoomerce (9%) where Magentos share is sum of Community(Magento CE) and Enterprice Edition (Magento EE) shares. Advantages of Custom Ecommerce  There are no limitations on how you set up your store and shopping cart Display the products you want on any page. Give your customers a unique shopping experience  You’ll have better…

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Create a Blog with Custom Domain Name in WordPress or Blogger and Blogger are equally good in creating blogs for either personal or business. While creating with both , we will be assigned with their sub domain name of our choice ( if available) . But only few audience know the fact that we can point our own domain name to these blogs for much better Search engine visibility and branding. For Owing a domain head to any leading domain name registrar , We highly recommend for simplicity and support ( even as live chat). Once you own the website Create a Blog at either WordPress or Blogger ., Steps are self explanatory in both. , Finish creation and come back. Using Custom Domain in Head to the Domains page, select your Blog , and choose the Add Domain option. Click Upgrade next to “Already own a domain?” Enter your domain name and click Add Npw go to Your Domain Registrar and Login to your Panel, Change Name Servers to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM NS2.WORDPRESS.COM NS3.WORDPRESS.COM Using Custom Domain in Sign in to Blogger. Select the blog to update. In the left menu, click Settings > Basic > Publishing. Under your current domain, click Set up a 3rd party URL for your blog. Enter your URL, including the www. Click Save. An error will appear with two CNAMEs. Visit your domain registrar’s website and find the DNS (Domain Name System) or the Name Server settings in the control panel. Delete existing CNAME entries. Enter the CNAMEs provided in the error message and click Save.  

Magento Ecommerce Solution for Startups

Why Magento From its release in 2008, Magento  Ecommerce is the most widely using Ecom Platform till date, Reason for this mass popularity tends to be many, few of those are Open Source Magento got two vaiants 1. Magento Enterprise Edition as a Hosted app (EE) 2. Magento Community Edition (CE) For a Business startup to stand with giants like amazon,alibaba,flipkart,snapdeal, Its not that easy to develop their clone. The most cost effective but competative option is to depend a trusted e Com platform. Fortunately Magento supply all these in no product cost. But remember getting a copy of Magento will do nothing, unless you got its expertise and team to manage features and servers #Advantages Of Magento:- Magento offers ultimate flexibility and functioning of their online stores. Feature-Rich Magento Equipped with all major Features a startup needed to stand with major players Flexible CMS From the user end majento is flexible enough to manage from back end Wide Community Owned by EBay Magento got immense number of community supporters to provide support when ever you need Extensions Plenty of extensions from official and unofficial marketplaces #Disadvantages:- Magento got its own disadvantages as its running on PHP where resource eat will be in range of Gigs. Its backward compatibility on server upgrades are againa queston, the common disadvantages listed below Cost Magento EE is not a Free Service and if you are in CE you need to pay high for Developers and Extensions, And Be sure extending magento is a steep job. Technology Magento need high requirement in server and developers. Must be hosted on dedicated servers or cloud plan to keep store running smooth Time Magento’s architecture is bit complicated. The more Magento is complex, the more time it need to set up and customize as in other solutions.and so the price.