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Increase Apps Visibility on Google Play Store

Visibility on Google Play Store Visibility and discoverability are important for apps to reach their users on Google Play. For the average app, search makes up the majority of installs.As an app developer, when a user searches for something that’s like your app,you want them to find your content. Optimizing this process means understandingwhat type of searches users are doing and making sure that data for your app supports these searches.There are generally two types of searches that users do.The first type is for users who know exactly what they’re looking for.For example, those who will do a search based on the title of your app,And titles are not just about branding.It is important to be as clear as possible,in the title to communicate what the app is about. Searching on PlayStore Is your app about internet radio, travel planning,podcasting? Making this clear in the title will capture the attention of interested users, making your apps stand out, in a sea of competitors.The second type of search is done by users who are not sure exactly what they want and search by keywords like the features that are looking for.For example, I like puzzle games. And well, I also like goblins.once you’ve gotten the attention of users and they’ve clicked on your app, it’s all about your store listing. App Listing Details Your app’s description should clearly tell users what your app does and why it matters to them. Once that’s done, you can brag about how successful your app is, what awards you’ve won, and so on. App Images and Videos But as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. There will be users out there who judge apps by the quality of their screenshots and videos. As such, a high quality app will strive for…

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Google Webmaster tools Stopped Content Keywords

Reason for No Content Keywords Earlier the content keywords feature was the only feature to find , for which all keywords , google bot indexed your content. Later google implemented Search Analytics . , where google will list where all our contents are listed against which all keywords on user searches., This is enough to confuse between content keywords and analytics and obviously the latter is more clear in terms. This is the reason to retire Content keywords according to search console official blog