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Community sites can be a major asset, especially for private work or study groups. They empower clients to keep in contact and stay mindful of the most recent improvements in their zones of intrigue. The best part is that every client can pick how drew in they need to be with the group of Community Website with BuddyPress.


BuddyPress is an open source social networking software package. It is a plugin that can be installed on WordPress to transform it into a social network platform. BuddyPress is designed to allow schools, companies, sports teams, or any other niche community to start their own social network or communication tool.

How To Build A WordPress Community Website

There are a lot of modules that can enable you to assemble a WordPress people group site, yet our vote needs to go to BuddyPress.

In addition to the fact that it is a standout amongst the most prevalent WordPress modules around, however, it additionally has fabulous documentation and is anything but difficult to set up.

Configure BuddyPress

After activating BuddyPress, you will be automatically redirected to the BuddyPress Welcome Screen if this is the first time you’ve activated BuddyPress or if you’ve just upgraded BuddyPress.

After taking some time to check out the new features added to the plugin, go to the wp-adminmenu toSettings > BuddyPress > Components begin configuring your installation.

Set Up Your Community Pages

Before clients can begin making the most of your WordPress people group site, you have to choose what pages to incorporate. To do this, arrival to the Settings tab and tap on BuddyPress > Components.

The accompanying area will show a rundown of the considerable number of segments or pages that you can add to your group, including profiles, movement streams, private messages, etc.


Using the right plugin makes it very achievable. This type of site can be useful for organizations that require group members to stay in touch and be aware of new developments, and it will help keep those members active and engaged.

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