Envato WordPress Toolkit For Automatic Theme Updates


Envato WordPress Toolkit For Automatic Theme Updates

ThemeForest is a popular theme store for quality WordPress subjects, and magnificent theme makers (like WPExplorer, obviously). Another extraordinary component of Themeforest is their Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin for program WordPress theme updates. Envato made this plugin so ThemeForest creators can give purchasers quick, effective updates to keep their themes bug free and good with the most recent version of WordPress.

Get Your Envato API Key

Before you connect the plugin, you should ask for your Envato API key since it can take wherever from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours for the way to be recognized. You should simply login to ThemeForest and visit your user profile page. Click on Settings. You Should see an API Keys tab beneath. Simply Click the button to create your API key.

Download, Install and Activate The Envato WordPress Toolkit Plugin

Since you have your API key, you’ll have to get the Plugin. Visit the Envato WordPress Toolkit Github page to download the Plugin zip file.

You introduce the Envato WordPress Toolkit simply like whatever other plugins.Login to your WordPress dashboard and explore the plugin section. Click Add New, at that point select the Upload strategy. Browse for the plugin file you downloaded from Github (it ought to be named “Envato-Wordpress-toolbox master.zip” or something comparable). Click Install Now, at that point Activate the plugin.
When installed and active you should see an Envato Toolkit menu item on your dashboard.

Setting Up The Envato WordPress Toolkit

Setting up the plugin is super easy since you as of now have your Envato API key. Essentially click on the Envato Toolkit menu item in your dashboard and enter your Envato username and API key. At that point Save your settings.

Thus, once you have your list of purchases showed you can install and update your ThemeForest themes directly from your dashboard. This suggests you don’t need to login to ThemeForest to check for subject updates – you can rapidly, easily and automatically update your themes.

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