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Google Tag Manager – how to start with it…..

Google Tag Manager is a label administration framework that enables you to rapidly and effectively refresh tags and code scraps on your site or mobile application. Those intended for traffic analysis and marketing optimization.

Add and update Ad Words, Google Analytics, Fire base Analytics, Floodlight, and 3rd party or custom tags from the Tag Manager user interface instead of editing site code.


Setup for web

To manage tags using Tag Manager:

  • Go to to create an account (or to access an existing account).
  • Create a container for your site in the account.
  • Add the container snippet to your site.
  • Migrate any hard coded tags (such as Ad Words or Double Click tags) from your site’s source code into Tag Manager.


Setup for mobile apps

Google Tag Manager for mobile apps is integrated with Firebase.

Firebase is Google’s mobile app platform, which provides end to end development tools and analytics.By adding Tag Manager to your app, you can make changes to your measurement setup without having to wade into the app update process.

To setup Tag Manager for mobile apps:

  • Go to to create a Tag Manager account (or to access an existing account).
  • Create a container for your app in the account (select the “Mobile Apps” option).
  • Select the appropriate container type (Android, iOS) and SDK version (Firebase, Legacy SDKs)

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