Magento extension to display banners on top of your page


Magento extension to display banners on top of your page

Free Magento 2 banner Slider extension (Magento extension)enables you to display various banners on multiples pages of your website in an attractive slider through the easiest and uncomplicated means possible.

Magento extension

  • If you need to put a banner for a specific product all you have to do is login and upload the image to the page you want the banner to appear.
  • In order to show image banners in content area of CMS pages and static blocks use the following block call,{{ block template=”FME_Banners::banners.phtml” class=”FME\Banners\Block\Banners” name=”banners” }}
  • In order to show banners on the layout of any page or static block, use the following block call,<block template=”FME_Banners::banners.phtml” class=”FME\Banners\Block\Banners” name=”banners” />
  • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Despite this article, I am having trouble with adding Magneto banners for a client.
    Can I get some help from you guys?

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