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6 Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Website to the Right Audience in Minimum Span of Time?

6 Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Website to the Right Audience in Minimum Span of Time?

2017 comes with immense possibilities for your online business. With latest trends and technology in digital media, you can drive sales to your site. And the best part is that you really don’t have to depend on any agency and waste huge sum of money for marketing. The techniques we’re going to discuss in this article can all be done yourself. Here’re the six effective ways to drive sales through your ecommerce portal.   #1 Stay Active on Social Media Yes, take it seriously. Social media portals can play a vital role in establishing a strong online presence, because the potential is boundless. With billions of active users, these sites can help you reach to your prospective customers. Try yourself. Kick off a social media campaign. And see how it can yield dramatic results in a short amount of time. Social media promotion has evolved into an inevitable part of the digital marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to cost you anything, though having a budget can make things much easier and impact. Create a social media strategy based on your brand identity. Create and publish exciting content that attracts your target audience, and then refer them back to your website. There are so many different approaches to social media strategies that can be used for brand promotion. Once you take your brand to various platforms and doing it for a while, you will be able to identify the most effective one for your particular site. #2 Create a Solid SEO Strategy Be it an ecommerce portal or a normal site, Search engine optimization is a must. The more optimized your site is, the better the chance to get ranked high in search. Which means more traffic and more sales. SEO can be one of the best ways to ensure your…

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Compare WordPress,Joomla and Drupal Market Share

While Compare WordPress Joomla  Drupal  , Un doubtfully WordPress Leading the show for last few Years. Here is how CMS platforms performs in installations and distributions Market Share WordPress – 69% Joomla – 10% and Drupal – 6% Why WordPress is this popular 1. PLUGIN STABILITY AND AUTONOMY 2. MULTISITE OPTION 3. PLUGIN POWER AND VERSATILITY 4. EASE OF USE 5. THEMES

Inbound Marketing , its need, How to and companies doing Inbound marketing in kochi

Inbound marketing Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects’ attention. It is one of the most effective marketing method for online business. An inbound approach to online marketing will give your company a lastingcompetitive advantage. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers. That makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.