Business benefits of E-commerce website for small/medium businesses.

More peoples are shifted from retail stores to buy things and services on the Internet. Today, above 60% of peoples in developed countries opting online shopping.

Many of small/medium businesses are integrating E-commerce platform opted to their business. In India, Internet & Smartphones business is booming and data charges dropped drastically. It’s now easier than before to incorporate a workable solution that will work for more people.

Still the question remain; what are the business benefit of eCommerce for small/medium business ?

Advantages of Online Shopping.

1. Know your customers.

Your Internet free tools can show your customer tracking from where they accessing, for what they searching for and how long they stay on your eCommerce website. This will help you to advertise the targeted audience more effectively and easily.

2. Cost effective.

An eCommerce website is designed for putting your business in Online. It’s said to be lower cost because of no shop rent, monthly utility bills, staff and more. But charges for timely delivery and web hosting charges,  comparatively very cheaper than brick and mortar store.

3. Quick change.

eCommerce storefronts are more flexible over local stores, we’re adding more products, offers,  and features is just a matter of minutes. With customer-oriented administration dashboards and tools, it’s a breeze to change anything at anytime at your convenience. any changes to your store or its landing pages will be indexed by search engines as per the SEO plan active on your application.

4. Automated inventory.

Online inventory for selling product is always under tracking and see what is being purchased by whom and when. Also, online selling means you can expand your business and a new branch out into new geographical areas.

5. Communicate with customers.

Through your eCommerce website, your customers with direct access to you, building a relationship to ensure and reiterate business via word of mouth sales.

6. Extend your business.

Extend your business with wide geographical location. There is no limit of local foot traffic. Now you can sell globally and attract the new audience.

7. Bulk orders.

The statistics say’s, online shopping customers make a bulk order from online eCommerce sites. Marketing strategy applied for bundling items on your website will boost bulk order.

8. Track advertising.

Using Google Analytics you can track which ads are driving an audience to your site and which ones are not working.

9. Open 24x7x365.

Your eCommerce website and thereby sales will reach around the clock lifecycle each day to enlarge your products available at an exponential rate.

How to start your own store

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