Ecommerce SEO Listing Factors

SEO Ranking factors are important to an Ecommerce business to bring business online. The main ranking factors in ecommerce are:

Ecommerce SEO Listing Factors

Navigation Links (5/5)

The text appears near to your products and product categories are so called Navigation links. Most of the Ecommerce Platforms automatically generate the navigation links for menu same as the products and product categories. And for smooth SEO results it’s better to prefer independent controls for the navigation links so that Individual Products categories or products can be listed on search on particular product related searches.

Page Titles (5/5)

Page titles are the text that seen at the tab section at the top of the browser. And  it will be the bookmark name for the page when we save it or make a shortcut for that. So when creating page titles we need to focus to highlight the products we listing rather than the store name and all. Inserting key search terms with product name will be also appreciated. However Independent Page titles make sense in the SEO ranking rather than common one. If some product name is unfamiliar then you can make the product category name in front of it to make a identity for the same.

Page URLs (4.5/5)

The Location of page shown in address bar of the browser is called Page URL. Including key search term for products or service in the page URL will highlight the same on search results. And Independent controlled URL name based on Keywords will ensure better search listing than a competitor doing automated URL naming.

Meta Description (4.5/5)

The descriptive text appears  along with the listing of your page in Google or Any Search engine is called Meta Description. Meta description does not make any positive part on Search Result Position but it will reflect on customer choice for clicking your listing. Attractive and brief meta description can be give better chance to impress you clients and make them visit your site. Again Independent Meta Description will highlight the result and keep your search results unique from other competitors search results.

Image ALT Tags (1.5/5)

Image ALT Tags are text added images that we are uploading to the website. In General Search the ALT tag don’t have any strong impact but in Image Search the image will be displayed and customers can be drive to website with auto redirection to website on image click on search results.

H1 Headings (1.5/5)

The H1 Headings are considered as the main heading of a page. H1 headings would be beneficial to include the page on search results.

Canonical URLs (3.5/5)

If the same product is available under multiple categories, then the same is listed in Multiple URL’s. For example, a product A is available category 1 and category 2 then it will listed as web/1/a and web/2/b. Even Though the both URL points to single page the search engine will view these are two separate pages.

The duplication of pages might be penalised by search engine to avoid this problem, REL CANONICAL tags will allow to specify the URL be regarded as the preferred version of the page.

Integrated Blogging Platform (5/5)

The number of search results will depend on the number and quality of external links and content in your website. You can have unique and newsworthy links to website of product manufacturer and other related industries to attract the customers. Also you can create internal links from your blogs to product pages where customer don’t feel like a commercial page when they get to the search results. The contents can be topical, engaging and shareable one that customers are attracted to same in first visit itself.

Social Sharing Button (4/5)

Social Share button provide simple means of sharing your content to various social media networks again create external links and more peoples will guided to your website from thier profiles.

Auto XML Sitemap (4.5/5)

XML Sitemaps are located on your server to help the search engine to find and index the contents of your website. Performing XML Sitemap generation in ecommerce website cannot be possible manually so that auto generate XML sitemap tools are used whenever a new page is added or removed from your website.

Domain Name (5/5)

Domain Names are unique names by which your website is found on internet. Better you take a domain name identical to your business name. Also have double check that there is no other website with same name in other TLDs. And always go for Domain names than subdomains from a platform provider. So that your business look professional and your business is free from rules and regulation of a service provider.

Own IP Address (1/5)

IP Address represents the location of your website on the Internet. Some of the Ecommerce website under some platform have shared IP address which will affect the performance and reliability of your website. If other website in you shared IP behave or got blacklisted it also effect your business.


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