Gadgets Sales Online vs offline

There are differences in buying online and offline, Earlier days there was limitations and risks in online sellers where they sell directly using a personal website or from any community forums , Scenario changed totally and here are the detailed comparison of how these are doing today

Wait Period

this is the one and only problem with online , you have to wait till the package arrives. But in some cases from amazon and Flipkart , they got same day delivery services.

Product Selection and Availability

Online:  Wide variety of products which no retailers can offer.

Retail: Limited to only products


As per Matthew on lifewire: 
Online: Generally, online sellers features lower prices because they don’t have the overhead of renting a pad in a strip mall, high electric bills, and a staff of sales people.There’s even Web sites that offer ‘percent off’ discounts if you enter a code after meeting a minimum purchase requirement, which could save even more money. Though, pay attention whether or not your television is brand new or refurbished.

Retail: In order to compete with online purchasing, retail outlets are slashing prices all around.

Taxes, Shipping, and Delivery


same in both cases

Customer Service and Warranty – Returns, Exchanges, Repairs


While buying online , you can even opt from the manufacturer who . listed their products in marketplaces like amazon, Eg. you may buy mobile phones from Motorola itself , which is more secure than any other retaiers as far you are getting an invoice from the company itself



Either from marketplace or Ecom Website , soon after you buy there will be an Email and SMS confirming your order, This is more secure than paper bills and which will ensure your warrantee throughout the period even if you lost your copy

This is the reason People opting online over retailers , We got our own packages for you to start with, Please write to us to start yours



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