Hosted Ecom Application, Launch your Ecom service in no time

Hosted Ecom Application

Morbits releasing a hosted ecom application which developed in house from scratch. Being back born of leading ecom websites for years, the collective experience from clients and  end users made us think different from open source scripts like magneto and zencart.

Imaging and Realise

Having our own code on our own servers is always safe and flexible than going after open source scripts., where attacks and bugs are often on new releases and bug fixes. With scratch script of in house development the only limit is your imagination, Start building your business on our ecom application with full support and customization from the builders itself


The level of customization is perhaps the biggest benefit of custom software. While a Open Source  package may fit many of your business’s needs, it’s doubtful that it will have the same efficiency as custom software. By meeting your exact specifications, you can cover every aspect of your business without unnecessary extras. It gives you greater control, which is important if your business has specific needs that your average commercial product can’t fulfill. Having customized software should also make the interface more familiar and easy to use.

Because in-house software is developed by a team of your choosing, it also gives you access to knowledgeable support. Rather than dealing with technicians who may not understand your unique situation, you can get support from the individuals who have developed your software firsthand. They will understand any subtle nuances and minimize downtime from technical errors.


Open source or Hosted sharing software can accrue high support and maintenance costs. In order to address any technical issues, you will be at the mercy of a vendor who sets and can change the price of service. There may also be a waiting period for support, and you may have to jump through hoops to reach a technician. This can end up costing time and slow operations.


Morbits is One of the biggest and Proven Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing Company from Kochi,Kerala. We undertake Web Development , Ecommerce , Mobile Apps, SEO, Server solutions , SMS,Newsletters, ORM and More since 2008

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