Magento Ecommerce Solution for Startups

Why Magento

From its release in 2008, Magento  Ecommerce is the most widely using Ecom Platform till date, Reason for this mass popularity tends to be many, few of those are

Open Source

Magento got two vaiants
1. Magento Enterprise Edition as a Hosted app (EE)
2. Magento Community Edition (CE)

For a Business startup to stand with giants like amazon,alibaba,flipkart,snapdeal, Its not that easy to develop their clone. The most cost effective but competative option is to depend a trusted e Com platform. Fortunately Magento supply all these in no product cost. But remember getting a copy of Magento will do nothing, unless you got its expertise and team to manage features and servers

#Advantages Of Magento:-

Magento offers ultimate flexibility and functioning of their online stores.


Magento Equipped with all major Features a startup needed to stand with major players

Flexible CMS

From the user end majento is flexible enough to manage from back end

Wide Community

Owned by EBay Magento got immense number of community supporters to provide support when ever you need


Plenty of extensions from official and unofficial marketplaces


Magento got its own disadvantages as its running on PHP where resource eat will be in range of Gigs. Its backward compatibility on server upgrades are againa queston, the common disadvantages listed below


Magento EE is not a Free Service and if you are in CE you need to pay high for Developers and Extensions, And Be sure extending magento is a steep job.


Magento need high requirement in server and developers. Must be hosted on dedicated servers or cloud plan to keep store running smooth


Magento’s architecture is bit complicated. The more Magento is complex, the more time it need to set up and customize as in other solutions.and so the price.


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