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Just as a Gmail account gives you a chance to utilize the majority of Google’s tools for your own needs, a G Suite account gives you the business forms of similar tools with an email address that uses your organization’s .com or other domain address.The online applications appear to be identical, generally, with your organization’s logo rather than Google’s logo in the applications.

What we Do

At Morbits, we Create dynamic project plans and Gantt charts in Sheets to manage projects, assignments, and deadlines. Our In-house package offers a variety of features that deliver a secure store and share experience. The advantages of implementing G – Suite Email includes:

Display your Logo on the Gmail interface

Google-sponsored ads are gone

Save more messages with increased cloud storage

Enjoy clock technical support by phone or email

Use other packages as an email client

Share calendar information between multiple employees

G - Suite Email Solution

Build a Sites project hub to keep updates, timelines, deliverables, calendars, and documents in one place. Now our team has an organized one-stop destination for all important project information that anyone can access anytime, from any device.

Track, update, and collaborate on project tasks

IMAP Synchronizes email online and across all devices

Manage project or team schedules

POP3 used for very slow, unstable internet connections

Build advanced, dynamic websites

Find and organize important email quickly

Create impactful presentations

Create and collaborate on documents

Hold video meetings with your team

Prepare team members for meetings

Draft and share technical specifications

Store and archive files in one place

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