Google Ranking to increase online leads and sales


When we talk about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we think about Google Search and methods for getting listed in Google Search. According to reports 90% of searches take place is on Google. From this report itself we can know how important Google is for SEO. Most of your customers will be using Google account. And they will find you through the Google Search.

Role of Google in Digital Marketing

Majority of the users are confident about the Google Search which list the best for them. So 90% will not go beyond first page. So it’s good to list your business in first page of search to bring more conversion to business. Also getting first in related keyword indirectly means you are far better than your competitor. Which can bring you competitors customers to your doorsteps.

How to improve your Google Ranking

The Success of Google Ranking is because of it’s revolutionary algorithm name PageRank which helps to rank web pages that match a given search string.The importance of a website is determined by checking backlinks and keyword in the web page.  In simple word a good content can drive traffic into website by improving the keyword density and genuine backlinks on the same.

Reach the right audience who searched for your products

By Listing on specific keyword that is related to your business which is commonly used by all can make more footprints to your website. Make a listing on Google Search is hard task with lot of research and day to day actions. If it’s done properly you will get listed on the desired keyword and get right audience who searched for your products.

Get Business Leads Online

Getting listed in Google is not the end of SEO. Letting your website stay on same position is the hard task with daily actions and content generation. If the website is inactive for a long time Google will automatically list the website having more. By maintaining the Search Rank will make a digital reputation for your website and attract more customers to the page.

Improve Conversion rate

Presenting the content in its beauty make customer to buy the products. Even Though the customer reached your site and do see anything impressive all the work done with SEO is useless. So making attractive landing page and product listing pages can convert more visitors to customers.

Advertise wisely on google

Listing first in Google is hard task which involves serious time consumption and for business it’s not a fair deal till getting listed and get business. For this complex issue Google provide a simple solutions with Advertising in Google. So even though you are not listed in first your website can be seen on the top of search via Google Ads. Thus even though you are building the ranks you can business from the Ads.


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