Improve Google Search Engine Ranking

Google is providing majority of visitors to most of the website including morbits. In this article we discuss how to improve Google Search Engine Ranking. Most of the factors are trade secret of major digital marketing agency but we reveal the same because you might know what they are.

google search engine

Pointing Links to Website

Your website can be ranked better when your website have more quality links to it than other websites. Having links from popular social medias and websites can benefit the ranking and search results.

 Title Tag

Title of your page is most important part for ranking, if you insert some meaningful word with some strong keywords that people search for your website can be advantage for future.

SEO Keywords

Your Site need to have words that someone search for your website, apart of your brand and identity. You can add some synonyms and misspelled words to compete with other sites of your kind.

 Keyword-Laden Links

If the links to your website have some keywords in it Google Search may think you are an authentic source for same. If you Make a link on Software Develepment word on any website to your website, google may think your website is authenical to Software Development and list your website for the same apart from Improving Search Engine Ranking.

Site Map

Creating a sitemap can help google to index and list every pages in your website.


With Robot.txt you can control the search bot about what and where to search for indexing. So its good to make a robots.txt in your website.

ALT Text for Images

An ALT text is what keep a brief description about the picture and since most of the search engines work on words this might be result the image searches.

Meta Keywords Tag

Google Ignore the Meta Keyword tags and if any SEO specialist ask for adding same you must think twice before allowing same.

Dynamic Pages

Google also index dynamically generated pages. So list the dynamic generated links somewhere in the site so search engine can index them, else they will never bother about the same.

Dont waste your time on Google Toolbar’s Page Rank

Its prehistoric when you still focus on Google Page Rank while there is million of other techniques where you can easily list your website in Search and high in Page Ranking.


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