Increase Apps Visibility on Google Play Store

Visibility on Google Play Store

Visibility and discoverability are important for apps to reach their users on Google Play. For the average app, search makes up the majority of installs.As an app developer, when a user searches for something that’s like your app,you want them to find your content. Optimizing this process means understandingwhat type of searches users are doing and making sure that data for your app supports these searches.There are generally two types of searches that users do.The first type is for users who know exactly what they’re looking for.For example, those who will do a search based on the title of your app,And titles are not just about branding.It is important to be as clear as possible,in the title to communicate what the app is about.

Searching on PlayStore

Is your app about internet radio, travel planning,podcasting? Making this clear in the title will capture the attention of interested users, making your apps stand out, in a sea of competitors.The second type of search is done by users who are not sure exactly what they want and search by keywords like the features that are looking for.For example, I like puzzle games. And well, I also like goblins.once you’ve gotten the attention of users and they’ve clicked on your app, it’s all about your store listing.

App Listing Details

Your app’s description should clearly tell users what your app does and why it matters to them. Once that’s done, you can brag about how successful your app is, what awards you’ve won, and so on.

App Images and Videos

But as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. There will be users out there who judge apps by the quality of their screenshots and videos. As such, a high quality app will strive for high quality screenshots and videos that users can scan through. The more you can communicate what the experience is like, the more likely it is that users will download your app.

Google Algorithm

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all the work when it comes to search. Google Play is constantly collecting statistics about installs, uninstalls, install retention, and engagement. Apps that are successful at all these metrics are more likely to be highly ranked in search results. So the most important thing you can do is to create the best experience for your users no matter what your app does.

Playstore Home listing

We all know those days that you haven’t had enough coffee and you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s great to just sit, browse through the store without typing any searches, and look for new awesome apps. There are generally two types of browsing. The first is scanning through the apps homepage and the second is through top charts. When users open the Play store and click on the apps option, they’re taken to what we call the apps home page.This page contains the top charts as well as the categories users can look through, for example, new and updated apps, lifestyle apps, and learning tools and the cool thing is this page is personalized to each user. The homepage browse experience let’s Google Play offer new and interesting apps to every user no matter what they’re interested in and of course, there are the top charts. These lists, like Top Paid, Top Free, and Top Grossing, are common ways for both new and returning users to gain a quick understanding of the most popular apps.

New , Paid and Top Apps on Playstore

Top New Paid and Top New Free target what’s new and popular. For that reason, Google limit it to apps that have been published recently. Finally, the Trending list highlights apps that are moving faster than we predicted in a recent day moving window. This list helps users find what’s really hot right now. You’ve made an amazing app. And now you know more about what you can do to maximize your discoverability on Google Play. To learn more, read our developer guidelines on Now go and break that million user mark. And thanks for watching.


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