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Role of Web Analytics in E-Commerce Websites

Role of Web Analytics in E-Commerce Websites

Web Analytics I finally experienced it – the inevitable reality of staying in Delhi – a power cut! Sitting in the darkness, waiting for the generator to pick up, I thought – imagine you are asked to play a game of darts in a room that is pitch-dark. You throw the darts in all possible directions, hoping that at least one of them will hit the bullseye. When the lights are switched on, you find out that although a couple of darts came close, most other ended up far away from the target. This sounds like a pointless exercise – however, the reality is that a lot of companies do this to their customers every day. Most of the online retailers continue to focus on a “one size fits all” approach where they throw all kinds of offers and promotions at the customers, hoping that the customer will accept at least one of them. This approach certainly works to some extent and can result in some moderate sales, however, this is like throwing darts in different directions and then, later drawing a bullseye around them, to feel good about one’s actions. Retailers can significantly improve their effectiveness by really understanding how their customers are interacting with their website and other channels, and then targeting the offerings based on these insights. The best part about an online environment is that these insights are readily available – online visitors are leaving these cues every single second. However, in most cases, this information doesn’t go anywhere. For more sophisticated retailers, this information probably finds its way into logs or the database or some kind of analytics engine. However, even in those cases, this information doesn’t get effectively acted upon. This is even worse, because, taking our darts analogy further, this is like playing…

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Install Google analytics on your website

Google Analytics is a system designed by Google to tracks statistics of a website. Adding Google Analytics to your website can help you track the complete activities on website . That include amount of visitors to your website and the keywords they used to find your website. “Google’s analytics products helped us improve engagement by 33% and click-throughs by 21% for content promotions on our homepage.” – Mia Vallo – Sr. Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic Source : Google Steps to install Google analytics on your website Sign up:  Go to www.google.com/analytics/ to sign up or sign in to Google Analytics. Click on Access Analytics  or Create an account. Add website information and contact informations since you are signing up for first time. Spending more time on Google Analytics can give better understanding of the online presence. Finally help to find new horizons for your business. Google Analytics can be also monitored from Mobile devices where Android and iOS apps are available here. Find your tracking code: Tracking code is a string of HTML code. Copy and paste this code on every pages of website as a result you can track the same for statistics. After Signing up as a result of accepting the user agreement, the page redirect to page containing HTML tracking code for your website. Copy this tracking code and paste it into the HTML of your web page. Check whether tracking code works or not : Visit Overview page that shows website accounts. Select the account and click on Edit option. Click Check Status option to verify whether the tracking code was properly installed or not .