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      We know that Web hosting is the service that provides a particular space on the internet for websites. Cloud and VPS hosting are the categories of web hosting. Like VPS & Cloud shared hosting and dedicated hosting are other categories of web hosting.  VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting VPS hosting is based on servers which are crafted using virtualization mechanism. VPS is also called the Private cloud. The architecture of VPS has numerous individual slots on the same virtual machine. Dedicated resources are assigned to each slot. Compared to cloud hosting VPS hosting less efficient since it allocates a specified amount of computing resources to every customer. So if the necessity expands, the framework would not have the capacity to deal with the extra inflow. It will basically crash. Same would be the situation if the server glitches. Cloud Hosting Cloud hosting is the highest point of-the-line website hosting service. The innovation has just accomplished an enormous level of acknowledgment in a brief time frame. In Cloud hosting, the websites hosted on a pool of unified resources. This basically implies in the event that one server is achieving its ideal level, at that point, next server is prepared to work. Also, if a server comes crashed, the website will, in any case, be running as another server will keep on serving the approaching activity. If you are looking for powerful and reliable functionality, Cloud hosting is the right choice. Morbits is one of the leading  Web hosting company in Kerala. Our web hosting is appropriate for setting up a Web nearness or a site that requires the organisation and support of completely incorporated e-business solutions. For more details follow us on Facebook and Twitter.