Best practice on product listing


Product listing, as its name implies, is the listing of all products in a specific category, and it is the best-known part of category pages.

Typically, your customers review the list of products and then decide which product best fits their perceived needs.


  • Information displayed about a product

    The classification page ought to have all the data required for a client to pick between items. This may differ by client section, so you’ll need to have all the essential data for each sort of client to settle on a decision, regardless of whether it’s style, spending plan, or another element remarkable to your industry.

The measure of data you give on the classification page to items ought to be what’s fundamental and nothing           more. You need as meager as conceivable so you can fit whatever number items as could be allowed on a                  solitary page.




  •  Photos, graphics, and icons on category pages

    Quality photos are also important to make a category page shine. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and using photos can help reduce the amount of product information you need to display.



  • Number of products per row

The quantity of items that can be recorded consecutively relies upon the data to be shown about the                        particular item. Also, this principally relies upon what qualities clients use to make a determination, and              in addition whether these qualities are sufficient to instigate their want.


  •  Number of products per page

The quantity of items you list on a classification page is less vital than you may might suspect. Most                       would agree that looking over is a marginally less demanding operation than stacking another page, so                 don’t fear demonstrating more items on a page. It is however worth showing no less than ten, regardless               of the possibility that just a single item for each line is shown.


  • Sorting products in a list

Providing your customers the option to sort products in a list is another feature of product listing that can          help make your category pages more effective. It’s important that the sorting options are based on                          information or features that are relevant to your customers.





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