Is WordPress safe for e-commerce website


Is WordPress good for E-Commerce Website?

One of the primary things that everybody is worried about when they dispatch something on the web is security. The web accompanies accommodation and weakness. Furthermore, when the discussion is about business, the well being matter is more imperative than any other time in recent memory.



In any case, in spite of that tremendous ubiquity, WordPress is free of cost. It’s open-source, which means the majority of its codes are available and adaptable by anybody willing to do as such.

How do I make WordPress secure ? 

As many people are using WordPress, it’s time to take care of your website security.

  • WordPress 5 minute secure installation :

In the WordPress establishment screen, the table prefix of course is wp_. The greater part of us don’t transform it however I would suggest that you change the table prefix.

On the off chance that you have as of now WordPress introduced on your site then you can change the table prefix from the phpmyadmin board.

  •  Secure WordPress configuration :

wp-config.php contains some critical data like your database name, username and secret word and so on. Of course the wp-config.php record lives in the root registry of your site and that is the place programmers will search for it.

  •  Choosing a secure username and password for admin :

If your administrative login username is “admin” then you are making hacker’s job easy by 50%. And if your admin password is “admin@123” then it is a peace of cake for the hacker.

Change these two and keep a much secure username and password.WordPress has watchword generator for you which you can use to make a safe secret word. However, in the event that you need to make your own secret word then I might want to share my brilliant lead to make a better password:

– utilize few lower case letters,

– utilize couple of capitalized letters,

– utilize few numbers,

– utilize couple of unique characters,

– and ensure that the mix of all these is no less than 12 characters.

  •   Choose a secure Website hosting service :

On the off chance that you are on a sharing facilitating account then I might want you to pick a server that :

– runs malware examines on their server regularly.

– give backups. ( take note of that a large portion of them will charge for this )

  •    Avoid brute force attacks :

Hackers can also get into your website by guessing your website admin username and password. To avoid this you can take help of WordPress plugin like WP Limit Login Attempts . Or any other plugin that helps your site avoid login attempts.

  •  Trusted plugins and themes :

Always use trusted themes and plugins from the WordPress theme or plugin repository.

  •  Update :

Keep your webpage refreshed with the most recent arrivals of modules and subjects that you are utilizing on your site.

  •  Secure File transfer :

Continuously utilize SFTP ( secure File Transfer Protocol ) for exchanging documents to and from your WordPress site.

Nothing is safe. Everything can be hacked. So, even after taking all the possible security measures I would strongly recommend that you take backup of your files and database on a regular basis.


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